We are aggressively marketing close to 50 pharmaceutical products in East Africa.
Over the past decades, Indian pharma companies have long been present in Africa and have steadily established themselves as partners through NGOs, aid agencies, and local marketing over the past decades.Roughly 20 per cent of India’s pharma exports of around $17 billion go to African countries.
The pharmaceutical market in Africa accounts for 13 percent of the world’s population. It is observed that 95 percent of the medicines consumed in Africa are imported from other countries.
With country health systems heavily depends on imports. However, the fragmented supply chains in Africa have an excessive number of intermediaries in between. This result in abundant supply and availability of medicines.
With non-communicable disease on the rise and infectious disease continuing to take a heavy toll on people’s health, Africa is confronted with a very high disease burden. However, the African governments have taken decisive steps to address this problem.
Lack of access to medicine, proper diagnosis, follow-up treatments and affordability drives up mortality rate. Supply of safe, efficacious and affordable medicines across the African continent is, therefore, an ethical imperative.